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Specializing in various water filter systems and parts, Undertake renovation of Kitchen cabinet, Hood & Gas Hob, Kitchen utensils, etc.

About Us

E Leong Enterprise was established in 2015 and has been operating in Taiping City, Perak, Malaysia for more than 13 years. The company was established in the early days of its operation to sell various water filters, water filter parts and bottled water. Both indoor and outdoor water filters are available. Suitable for homes, shops, factories, schools, hospitals, etc.
The company has been constantly operating with care, to make the best service, and to make the business flourish. The company expanded its business in 2013 and began selling hoods, gas stoves, kitchen sink, kitchen supplies, bathroom accessories and more. In recent years, in line with business development, to undertake the renovation of kitchen cabinets, quartz stone table, beautifully crafted, fair prices, trustworthy.




We’re available for rent & buy .


Installation & Maintenance

Suitable for home, shop, factory, school and hospital installation.

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